Construction Equipment Services

Colorado’s Valuable Construction Equipment Resource

Structures Unlimited, Inc. provides construction equipment services to Colorado and surrounding states, including western Kansas and Nebraska. We are a valuable resource in construction equipment and have been serving wind energy, oil field, railroad operation, water treatment services, grain elevator operations, and all types of general construction.

We have support trucks, backhoes, maintainers, loaders, scrapers, excavators, dump trucks, Skid Steers and gene lifts and forklifts. We also have 30 Ton, 70 Ton, 80 Ton,165 Ton, 275 Ton Cranes, man lifts, shooting booms, and more. Our operators are NCCCO certified. Riggers and equipment operators are certified as well. All equipment services are billed hourly with a 4-hour minimum and include certified rigger and equipment operators.

Equipment Services

  • Support Truck
  • Backhoe
  • Maintainer
  • Loader
  • Excavator
  • Dump Truck
  • Skid Steer
  • End Dump
  • Gene Lifts
  • Forklifts
  • Scraper

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We been providing quality on steel and wood frame building construction, concrete, finsh work and crane services in Colorado and surrounding states for over 30 years. We welcome the opportunity to bid your project. Please fill out the form so that we can follow up and start your free quote.